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The Most Personalized at-home Dermaplaning Treatment

So me being big on skincare treatments, had to give Dermaplaning a try when I heard a friend talked about how amazing it was. I went to a local med spa for a facial and dermaplaning a week before my brother’s wedding in hope to see some good results. I was mind-blown by how smooth my skin looked after treatment and my makeup looked just flawless for all the events.
I was beyond excited when Spa Sciences asked me to pick one of their skincare devices to try and review and I obviously had to pick their Sonic Dermaplaning device…SIMA. I am usually very basic with my skincare routine but dermaplaning is one treatment I am pleased to incorporate on a weekly basis.
So SIMA is:
– Safe and hygienic
– Removes unwanted facial hair, dead skin, debris and build-up
– Boosts the power of skincare products without irritating the skin
– Creates a perfect canvas for a more flawless makeup application
– Quick and easy to use
– Cost efficient
– Comes with a rechargeable battery
I have already used SIMA twice following the instructions given in the manual. I suggest you go through the manual before using the device. I thought I knew how it worked and used the device going upwards as supposed to pointing it downwards. What’s also convenient is that you can also customize the speed to suit your skin. I used the device on my bare face without any product on and not only it was super easy to use, it was also very quick. It removed the finest hair on my face and even the dead skin.. Even after 3 weeks of using the device, my skin still felt smoother and there was no sign of hair.
Spa Sciences SIMA retails for $29.00 and is also available at Kohl’s, Walgreen, Target and evening Walmart now!
In my opinion, being able to do this Dermaplaning treatment at home is an absolute God send! It’s 100 times more affordable than getting this treatment done at a spa.
Have you tried Dermaplaning treatment? Did you like the result?
Disclaimer: The Product Was An Unpaid/PR Gift. All Opinion Is Genuine And Honest

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