DIY Lip Scrubs

As a makeup artist, I sometimes have to struggle putting lip colors (especially the matte ones) on my clients with really dry, chapped lips. No matter how much of a lip balm I would apply, the lips would still not look healthy.
Winters also dry out our skin and lip care is most essential at this time. It is crucial to understand that exfoliating lips is just as important as it is for the skin. Although applying moisturizing balms can help rejuvenate and hydrate lips, removing dead skin cells really improve the appearance of the lips.

I am sharing some of my favorite DIY lip scrubs that I always send my brides-to-be with a list of reminders including keeping their skin and lips hydrated at all times. There are of course lip scrubs that you can purchase from a retail store. 

I’ll start with my go-to lip scrub and that is brown sugar, honey and coconut oil scrub:
Coconut oil, Brown Sugar & Honey Scrub: The sugar helps exfoliate all of the flaky skin off of your lips, while the coconut oil moisturizes. The honey in this scrub gives it a nice texture. Mix all the ingredients well, scrub your lips and then wipe it off with a wash cloth for your lips to stay super soft and supple.
Sugar, Olive Oil & Lemon: The lemon in this scrub is great in treating dark and discolored lips.
Brown Sugar, Coffee Grounds & Olive Oil: Coffee is great to use on your skin and lips top keep them looking healthy and happy. This combination of coffee grounds and honey is an excellent way to exfoliate and moisturize your lips.
(Remember These Scrubs Are Only For Your Lips And Not The Face.)
I Hope That You All Enjoy These Simple DIY Lip Scrubs And Try It Out Yourself! I Personally Love All Of These Scrubs And I Think You’ll Love Them Too!

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